David Tugwell


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WASPBENCH: a lexicographer’s workbench incorporating state-of-the-art word sense disambiguation
Adam Kilgarriff | Roger Evans | Rob Koeling | Michael Rundell | David Tugwell

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An Evaluation of a Lexicographers’ Workbench: building lexicons for Machine Translation
Rob Koeling | Adam Kilgarriff | David Tugwell | Roger Evans
Proceedings of the 7th International EAMT workshop on MT and other language technology tools, Improving MT through other language technology tools, Resource and tools for building MT at EACL 2003


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WASP-Bench: an MT lexicographers’ workstation supporting state-of-the-art lexical disambiguation
Adam Kilgarriff | David Tugwell
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VIII

Most MT lexicography is devoted to developing rules of the kind, “in context C, translate source-language word S as target-language word T”. Very many such rules are required, producing them is laborious, and MT companies standardly spend large sums on it. We present the WASP-Bench, a lexicographer's workstation for the rapid and semi-automatic development of such rule-sets. The WASP-Bench makes use of a large source-language corpus and state-of-the-art techniques for Word Sense Disambiguation. We show that the WSD accuracy is on a par with the best results published to date, with the advantage that the WASP-Bench, unlike other high- performance systems, does not require a sense-disambiguated training corpus as input. The WASP-Bench is designed to fit readily with MT companies' working practices, as it may be used for as many or as few source language words as present disambiguation problems for a given target.

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WASP-Bench: a Lexicographic Tool Supporting Word Sense Disambiguation
David Tugwell | Adam Kilgarriff
Proceedings of SENSEVAL-2 Second International Workshop on Evaluating Word Sense Disambiguation Systems


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A State-Transition Grammar for Data-Oriented Parsing
David Tugwell
Seventh Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics