Dazhi Jiang


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Asymmetric Mutual Learning for Multi-source Unsupervised Sentiment Adaptation with Dynamic Feature Network
Rui Li | Cheng Liu | Dazhi Jiang
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Recently, fine-tuning the pre-trained language model (PrLM) on labeled sentiment datasets demonstrates impressive performance. However, collecting labeled sentiment dataset is time-consuming, and fine-tuning the whole PrLM brings about much computation cost. To this end, we focus on multi-source unsupervised sentiment adaptation problem with the pre-trained features, which is more practical and challenging. We first design a dynamic feature network to fully exploit the extracted pre-trained features for efficient domain adaptation. Meanwhile, with the difference of the traditional source-target domain alignment methods, we propose a novel asymmetric mutual learning strategy, which can robustly estimate the pseudo-labels of the target domain with the knowledge from all the other source models. Experiments on multiple sentiment benchmarks show that our method outperforms the recent state-of-the-art approaches, and we also conduct extensive ablation studies to verify the effectiveness of each the proposed module.