Debajit Chakraborty


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Hate-Alert@DravidianLangTech-EACL2021: Ensembling strategies for Transformer-based Offensive language Detection
Debjoy Saha | Naman Paharia | Debajit Chakraborty | Punyajoy Saha | Animesh Mukherjee
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Speech and Language Technologies for Dravidian Languages

Social media often acts as breeding grounds for different forms of offensive content. For low resource languages like Tamil, the situation is more complex due to the poor performance of multilingual or language-specific models and lack of proper benchmark datasets. Based on this shared task “Offensive Language Identification in Dravidian Languages” at EACL 2021; we present an exhaustive exploration of different transformer models, We also provide a genetic algorithm technique for ensembling different models. Our ensembled models trained separately for each language secured the first position in Tamil, the second position in Kannada, and the first position in Malayalam sub-tasks. The models and codes are provided.