Diego Miguel Lozano


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This is not correct! Negation-aware Evaluation of Language Generation Systems
Miriam Anschütz | Diego Miguel Lozano | Georg Groh
Proceedings of the 16th International Natural Language Generation Conference

Large language models underestimate the impact of negations on how much they change the meaning of a sentence. Therefore, learned evaluation metrics based on these models are insensitive to negations. In this paper, we propose NegBLEURT, a negation-aware version of the BLEURT evaluation metric. For that, we designed a rule-based sentence negation tool and used it to create the CANNOT negation evaluation dataset. Based on this dataset, we fine-tuned a sentence transformer and an evaluation metric to improve their negation sensitivity. Evaluating these models on existing benchmarks shows that our fine-tuned models outperform existing metrics on the negated sentences by far while preserving their base models’ performances on other perturbations.