Diogo Gonçalves

Also published as: Diogo Goncalves


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“Does it come in black?” CLIP-like models are zero-shot recommenders
Patrick John Chia | Jacopo Tagliabue | Federico Bianchi | Ciro Greco | Diogo Goncalves
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on e-Commerce and NLP (ECNLP 5)

Product discovery is a crucial component for online shopping. However, item-to-item recommendations today do not allow users to explore changes along selected dimensions: given a query item, can a model suggest something similar but in a different color? We consider item recommendations of the comparative nature (e.g. “something darker”) and show how CLIP-based models can support this use case in a zero-shot manner. Leveraging a large model built for fashion, we introduce GradREC and its industry potential, and offer a first rounded assessment of its strength and weaknesses.


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ULisboa: Identification and Classification of Medical Concepts
André Leal | Diogo Gonçalves | Bruno Martins | Francisco M. Couto
Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2014)