Dmitry Evseev


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DeepPavlov Dream: Platform for Building Generative AI Assistants
Diliara Zharikova | Daniel Kornev | Fedor Ignatov | Maxim Talimanchuk | Dmitry Evseev | Ksenya Petukhova | Veronika Smilga | Dmitry Karpov | Yana Shishkina | Dmitry Kosenko | Mikhail Burtsev
Proceedings of the 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 3: System Demonstrations)

An open-source DeepPavlov Dream Platform is specifically tailored for development of complex dialog systems like Generative AI Assistants. The stack prioritizes efficiency, modularity, scalability, and extensibility with the goal to make it easier to develop complex dialog systems from scratch. It supports modular approach to implementation of conversational agents enabling their development through the choice of NLP components and conversational skills from a rich library organized into the distributions of ready-for-use multi-skill AI assistant systems. In DeepPavlov Dream, multi-skill Generative AI Assistant consists of NLP components that extract features from user utterances, conversational skills that generate or retrieve a response, skill and response selectors that facilitate choice of relevant skills and the best response, as well as a conversational orchestrator that enables creation of multi-skill Generative AI Assistants scalable up to industrial grade AI assistants. The platform allows to integrate large language models into dialog pipeline, customize with prompt engineering, handle multiple prompts during the same dialog session and create simple multimodal assistants.


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Discourse-Driven Integrated Dialogue Development Environment for Open-Domain Dialogue Systems
Denis Kuznetsov | Dmitry Evseev | Lidia Ostyakova | Oleg Serikov | Daniel Kornev | Mikhail Burtsev
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Discourse

Development environments for spoken dialogue systems are popular today because they enable rapid creation of the dialogue systems in times when usage of the voice AI Assistants is constantly growing. We describe a graphical Discourse-Driven Integrated Dialogue Development Environment (DD-IDDE) for spoken open-domain dialogue systems. The DD-IDDE allows dialogue architects to interactively define dialogue flows of their skills/chatbots with the aid of the discourse-driven recommendation system, enhance these flows in the Python-based DSL, deploy, and then further improve based on the skills/chatbots usage statistics. We show how these skills/chatbots can be specified through a graphical user interface within the VS Code Extension, and then run on top of the Dialog Flow Framework (DFF). An earlier version of this framework has been adopted in one of the Alexa Prize 4 socialbots while the updated version was specifically designed to power the described DD-IDDE solution.