Dominic Egger


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A Twitter Corpus and Benchmark Resources for German Sentiment Analysis
Mark Cieliebak | Jan Milan Deriu | Dominic Egger | Fatih Uzdilli
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Social Media

In this paper we present SB10k, a new corpus for sentiment analysis with approx. 10,000 German tweets. We use this new corpus and two existing corpora to provide state-of-the-art benchmarks for sentiment analysis in German: we implemented a CNN (based on the winning system of SemEval-2016) and a feature-based SVM and compare their performance on all three corpora. For the CNN, we also created German word embeddings trained on 300M tweets. These word embeddings were then optimized for sentiment analysis using distant-supervised learning. The new corpus, the German word embeddings (plain and optimized), and source code to re-run the benchmarks are publicly available.


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Swiss-Chocolate: Combining Flipout Regularization and Random Forests with Artificially Built Subsystems to Boost Text-Classification for Sentiment
Fatih Uzdilli | Martin Jaggi | Dominic Egger | Pascal Julmy | Leon Derczynski | Mark Cieliebak
Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval 2015)