Eleonora Ceccaldi


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APPReddit: a Corpus of Reddit Posts Annotated for Appraisal
Marco Antonio Stranisci | Simona Frenda | Eleonora Ceccaldi | Valerio Basile | Rossana Damiano | Viviana Patti
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Despite the large number of computational resources for emotion recognition, there is a lack of data sets relying on appraisal models. According to Appraisal theories, emotions are the outcome of a multi-dimensional evaluation of events. In this paper, we present APPReddit, the first corpus of non-experimental data annotated according to this theory. After describing its development, we compare our resource with enISEAR, a corpus of events created in an experimental setting and annotated for appraisal. Results show that the two corpora can be mapped notwithstanding different typologies of data and annotations schemes. A SVM model trained on APPReddit predicts four appraisal dimensions without significant loss. Merging both corpora in a single training set increases the prediction of 3 out of 4 dimensions. Such findings pave the way to a better performing classification model for appraisal prediction.