Emmanuel Navarro


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CELLO: Understanding the responses of data to requests (CELLO : comprendre les réponses des données aux requêtes) [in French]
Yannick Chudy | Yann Desalle | Bruno Gaume | Emmanuel Navarro | Pierre Magistry
Proceedings of TALN 2014 (Volume 3: System Demonstrations)

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BACANAL: Short Length Random Walks For Lexical Analysis, Application to lexical substitution (BACANAL : Balades Aléatoires Courtes pour ANAlyses Lexicales Application à la substitution lexicale) [in French]
Yann Desalle | Emmanuel Navarro | Yannick Chudy | Pierre Magistry | Bruno Gaume
TALN-RECITAL 2014 Workshop SemDis 2014 : Enjeux actuels de la sémantique distributionnelle (SemDis 2014: Current Challenges in Distributional Semantics)

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Measuring the structural similarity between lexical networks (Comparaison qualitative de réseaux lexicaux) [in French]
Bruno Gaume | Emmanuel Navarro | Yann Desalle | Benoît Gaillard
TALN-RECITAL 2014 Workshop RLTLN 2014 : Réseaux Lexicaux pour le TAL (RLTLN 2014 : Lexical Networks for NLP)


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Tmuse: Lexical Network Exploration
Yannick Chudy | Yann Desalle | Benoît Gaillard | Bruno Gaume | Pierre Magistry | Emmanuel Navarro
The Companion Volume of the Proceedings of IJCNLP 2013: System Demonstrations


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Invariants and Variability of Synonymy Networks: Self Mediated Agreement by Confluence
Benoît Gaillard | Bruno Gaume | Emmanuel Navarro
Proceedings of TextGraphs-6: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing


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Graph Representation of Synonymy and Translation Resources for Crosslinguistic Modelisation of Meaning
Benoît Gaillard | Yannick Chudy | Pierre Magistry | Shu-Kai Hsieh | Emmanuel Navarro
Proceedings of the 24th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation


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Wiktionary for Natural Language Processing: Methodology and Limitations
Emmanuel Navarro | Franck Sajous | Bruno Gaume | Laurent Prévot | ShuKai Hsieh | Ivy Kuo | Pierre Magistry | Chu-Ren Huang
Proceedings of the 2009 Workshop on The People’s Web Meets NLP: Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources (People’s Web)