Enrico Francesconi


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Editing OntoLex-Lemon in VocBench 3
Manuel Fiorelli | Armando Stellato | Tiziano Lorenzetti | Andrea Turbati | Peter Schmitz | Enrico Francesconi | Najeh Hajlaoui | Brahim Batouche
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

OntoLex-Lemon is a collection of RDF vocabularies for specifying the verbalization of ontologies in natural language. Beyond its original scope, OntoLex-Lemon, as well as its predecessor Monnet lemon, found application in the Linguistic Linked Open Data cloud to represent and interlink language resources on the Semantic Web. Unfortunately, generic ontology and RDF editors were considered inconvenient to use with OntoLex-Lemon because of its complex design patterns and other peculiarities, including indirection, reification and subtle integrity constraints. This perception led to the development of dedicated editors, trading the flexibility of RDF in combining different models (and the features already available in existing RDF editors) for a more direct and streamlined editing of OntoLex-Lemon patterns. In this paper, we investigate on the benefits gained by extending an already existing RDF editor, VocBench 3, with capabilities closely tailored to OntoLex-Lemon and on the challenges that such extension implies. The outcome of such investigation is twofold: a vertical assessment of a new editor for OntoLex-Lemon and, in the broader scope of RDF editor design, a new perspective on which flexibility and extensibility characteristics an editor should meet in order to cover new core modeling vocabularies, for which OntoLex-Lemon represents a use case.


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PMKI: an European Commission action for the interoperability, maintainability and sustainability of Language Resources
Peter Schmitz | Enrico Francesconi | Najeh Hajlaoui | Brahim Batouche
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018)