F. Balouchzahi


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Overview of CoLI-Kanglish: Word Level Language Identification in Code-mixed Kannada-English Texts at ICON 2022
F. Balouchzahi | S. Butt | A. Hegde | N. Ashraf | H.l. Shashirekha | Grigori Sidorov | Alexander Gelbukh
Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON): Shared Task on Word Level Language Identification in Code-mixed Kannada-English Texts

The task of Language Identification (LI) in text processing refers to automatically identifying the languages used in a text document. LI task is usually been studied at the document level and often in high-resource languages while giving less importance to low-resource languages. However, with the recent advance- ment in technologies, in a multilingual country like India, many low-resource language users post their comments using English and one or more language(s) in the form of code-mixed texts. Combination of Kannada and English is one such code-mixed text of mixing Kannada and English languages at various levels. To address the word level LI in code-mixed text, in CoLI-Kanglish shared task, we have focused on open-sourcing a Kannada-English code-mixed dataset for word level LI of Kannada, English and mixed-language words written in Roman script. The task includes classifying each word in the given text into one of six predefined categories, namely: Kannada (kn), English (en), Kannada-English (kn-en), Name (name), Lo-cation (location), and Other (other). Among the models submitted by all the participants, the best performing model obtained averaged-weighted and averaged-macro F1 scores of 0.86 and 0.62 respectively.