Fernando Henrique Calderon Alvarado


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Unsupervised Multi-document Summarization for News Corpus with Key Synonyms and Contextual Embeddings
Yen-Hao Huang | Ratana Pornvattanavichai | Fernando Henrique Calderon Alvarado | Yi-Shin Chen
Proceedings of the 33rd Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2021)

Information overload has been one of the challenges regarding information from the Internet. It is not a matter of information access, instead, the focus had shifted towards the quality of the retrieved data. Particularly in the news domain, multiple outlets report on the same news events but may differ in details. This work considers that different news outlets are more likely to differ in their writing styles and the choice of words, and proposes a method to extract sentences based on their key information by focusing on the shared synonyms in each sentence. Our method also attempts to reduce redundancy through hierarchical clustering and arrange selected sentences on the proposed orderBERT. The results show that the proposed unsupervised framework successfully improves the coverage, coherence, and, meanwhile, reduces the redundancy for a generated summary. Moreover, due to the process of obtaining the dataset, we also propose a data refinement method to alleviate the problems of undesirable texts, which result from the process of automatic scraping.


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Discovering the Latent Writing Style from Articles: A Contextualized Feature Extraction Approach
Yen-Hao Huang | Ting-Wei Liu | Ssu-Rui Lee | Ya-Wen Yu | Wan-Hsuan Lee | Fernando Henrique Calderon Alvarado | Yi-Shin Chen
International Journal of Computational Linguistics & Chinese Language Processing, Volume 24, Number 1, June 2019