Ferran Fabregat


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A morphological analyser for machine translation based on finite-state transducers
Alberto Sanchis | David Picó | Joan Miquel del Val | Ferran Fabregat | Jesús Tomás | Moisés Pastor | Francisco Casacuberta | Enrique Vidal
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit VIII

A finite-state, rule-based morphological analyser is presented here, within the framework of machine translation system TAVAL. This morphological analyser introduces specific features which are particularly useful for translation, such as the detection and morphological tagging of word groups that act as a single lexical unit for translation purposes. The case where words in one such group are not strictly contiguous is also covered. A brief description of the Spanish-to-Catalan and Catalan-to-Spanish translation system TAVAL is given in the paper.