Flávio Luiz Coutinho


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Squib: Effects of Cognitive Effort on the Resolution of Overspecified Descriptions
Ivandré Paraboni | Alex Gwo Jen Lan | Matheus Mendes de Sant’Ana | Flávio Luiz Coutinho
Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 2 - June 2017

Studies in referring expression generation (REG) have shown different effects of referential overspecification on the resolution of certain descriptions. To further investigate effects of this kind, this article reports two eye-tracking experiments that measure the time required to recognize target objects based on different kinds of information. Results suggest that referential overspecification may be either helpful or detrimental to identification depending on the kind of information that is actually overspecified, an insight that may be useful for the design of more informed hearer-oriented REG algorithms.