Ge Bai


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Always the Best Fit: Adaptive Domain Gap Filling from Causal Perspective for Few-Shot Relation Extraction
Ge Bai | Chenji Lu | Jiaxiang Geng | Shilong Li | Yidong Shi | Xiyan Liu | Ying Liu | Zhang Zhang | Ruifang Liu
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2023

Cross-domain Relation Extraction aims to transfer knowledge from a source domain to a different target domain to address low-resource challenges. However, the semantic gap caused by data bias between domains is a major challenge, especially in few-shot scenarios. Previous work has mainly focused on transferring knowledge between domains through shared feature representations without analyzing the impact of each factor that may produce data bias based on the characteristics of each domain. This work takes a causal perspective and proposes a new framework CausalGF. By constructing a unified structural causal model, we estimating the causal effects of factors such as syntactic structure, label distribution,and entities on the outcome. CausalGF calculates the causal effects among the factors and adjusts them dynamically based on domain characteristics, enabling adaptive gap filling. Our experiments show that our approach better fills the domain gap, yielding significantly better results on the cross-domain few-shot relation extraction task.