Gilbert François Duivesteijn


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TRANSLIT: A Large-scale Name Transliteration Resource
Fernando Benites | Gilbert François Duivesteijn | Pius von Däniken | Mark Cieliebak
Proceedings of the 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Transliteration is the process of expressing a proper name from a source language in the characters of a target language (e.g. from Cyrillic to Latin characters). We present TRANSLIT, a large-scale corpus with approx. 1.6 million entries in more than 180 languages with about 3 million variations of person and geolocation names. The corpus is based on various public data sources, which have been transformed into a unified format to simplify their usage, plus a newly compiled dataset from Wikipedia. In addition, we apply several machine learning methods to establish baselines for automatically detecting transliterated names in various languages. Our best systems achieve an accuracy of 92% on identification of transliterated pairs.