Giovanni Torrisi


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Personalized PageRank with Syntagmatic Information for Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation
Federico Scozzafava | Marco Maru | Fabrizio Brignone | Giovanni Torrisi | Roberto Navigli
Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations

Exploiting syntagmatic information is an encouraging research focus to be pursued in an effort to close the gap between knowledge-based and supervised Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) performance. We follow this direction in our next-generation knowledge-based WSD system, SyntagRank, which we make available via a Web interface and a RESTful API. SyntagRank leverages the disambiguated pairs of co-occurring words included in SyntagNet, a lexical-semantic combination resource, to perform state-of-the-art knowledge-based WSD in a multilingual setting. Our service provides both a user-friendly interface, available at, and a RESTful endpoint to query the system programmatically (accessible at