Girish Budhrani


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SIT at MixMT 2022: Fluent Translation Built on Giant Pre-trained Models
Abdul Khan | Hrishikesh Kanade | Girish Budhrani | Preet Jhanglani | Jia Xu
Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Machine Translation (WMT)

This paper describes the Stevens Institute of Technology’s submission for the WMT 2022 Shared Task: Code-mixed Machine Translation (MixMT). The task consisted of two subtasks, subtask 1 Hindi/English to Hinglish and subtask 2 Hinglish to English translation. Our findings lie in the improvements made through the use of large pre-trained multilingual NMT models and in-domain datasets, as well as back-translation and ensemble techniques. The translation output is automatically evaluated against the reference translations using ROUGE-L and WER. Our system achieves the 1st position on subtask 2 according to ROUGE-L, WER, and human evaluation, 1st position on subtask 1 according to WER and human evaluation, and 3rd position on subtask 1 with respect to ROUGE-L metric.