Giuseppina Morza


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Assessing the Quality of an Italian Crowdsourced Idiom Corpus:the Dodiom Experiment
Giuseppina Morza | Raffaele Manna | Johanna Monti
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

This paper describes how idiom-related language resources, collected through a crowdsourcing experiment carried out by means of Dodiom, a Game-with-a-purpose, have been analysed by language experts. The paper focuses on the criteria adopted for the data annotation and evaluation process. The main scope of this project is, indeed, the evaluation of the quality of the linguistic data obtained through a crowdsourcing project, namely to assess if the data provided and evaluated by the players who joined the game are actually considered of good quality by the language experts. Finally, results of the annotation and evaluation processes as well as future work are presented.