Glenda B. Anaya


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Generation of natural responses through syntactic patterns
Glenda B. Anaya | Leila Kosseim
Actes de la 10ème conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles. Posters

The goal of Question-Answering (QA) systems is to find short and factual answers to opendomain questions by searching a large collection of documents. The subject of this research is to formulate complete and natural answer-sentences to questions, given the short answer. The answer-sentences are meant to be self-sufficient; that is, they should contain enough context to be understood without needing the original question. Generating such sentences is important in question-answering as they can be used to enhance existing QA systems to provide answers to the user in a more natural way and to provide a pattern to actually extract the answer from the document collection.