Grace Lee


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Improving Distantly Supervised Document-Level Relation Extraction Through Natural Language Inference
Clara Vania | Grace Lee | Andrea Pierleoni
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Deep Learning for Low-Resource Natural Language Processing

The distant supervision (DS) paradigm has been widely used for relation extraction (RE) to alleviate the need for expensive annotations. However, it suffers from noisy labels, which leads to worse performance than models trained on human-annotated data, even when trained using hundreds of times more data. We present a systematic study on the use of natural language inference (NLI) to improve distantly supervised document-level RE. We apply NLI in three scenarios: (i) as a filter for denoising DS labels, (ii) as a filter for model prediction, and (iii) as a standalone RE model. Our results show that NLI filtering consistently improves performance, reducing the performance gap with a model trained on human-annotated data by 2.3 F1.