Grant M. Berry


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Interactive Post-Editing for Verbosity Controlled Translation
Prabhakar Gupta | Anil Nelakanti | Grant M. Berry | Abhishek Sharma
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

We explore Interactive Post-Editing (IPE) models for human-in-loop translation to help correct translation errors and rephrase it with a desired style variation. We specifically study verbosity for style variations and build on top of multi-source transformers that can read source and hypothesis to improve the latter with user inputs. Token-level interaction inputs for error corrections and length interaction inputs for verbosity control are used by the model to generate a suitable translation. We report BERTScore to evaluate semantic quality with other relevant metrics for translations from English to German, French and Spanish languages. Our model achieves superior BERTScore over state-of-the-art machine translation models while maintaining the desired token-level and verbosity preference.