Guoqiang Li


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Repo4QA: Answering Coding Questions via Dense Retrieval on GitHub Repositories
Minyu Chen | Guoqiang Li | Chen Ma | Jingyang Li | Hongfei Fu
Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Open-source platforms such as GitHub and Stack Overflow both play significant roles in current software ecosystems. It is crucial but time-consuming for developers to raise programming questions in coding forums such as Stack Overflow and be navigated to actual solutions on GitHub repositories. In this paper, we dedicate to accelerating this activity. We find that traditional information retrieval-based methods fail to handle the long and complex questions in coding forums, and thus cannot find suitable coding repositories. To effectively and efficiently bridge the semantic gap between repositories and real-world coding questions, we introduce a specialized dataset named Repo4QA, which includes over 12,000 question-repository pairs constructed from Stack Overflow and GitHub. Furthermore, we propose QuRep, a CodeBERT-based model that jointly learns the representation of both questions and repositories. Experimental results demonstrate that our model simultaneously captures the semantic features in both questions and repositories through supervised contrastive loss and hard negative sampling. We report that our approach outperforms existing state-of-art methods by 3%-8% on MRR and 5%-8% on P@1.