GyuHyeon Choi

Also published as: Gyu-Hyeon Choi


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Improving a Multi-Source Neural Machine Translation Model with Corpus Extension for Low-Resource Languages
Gyu-Hyeon Choi | Jong-Hun Shin | Young-Kil Kim
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018)


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The Open Framework for Developing Knowledge Base And Question Answering System
Jiseong Kim | GyuHyeon Choi | Jung-Uk Kim | Eun-Kyung Kim | Key-Sun Choi
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations

Developing a question answering (QA) system is a task of implementing and integrating modules of different technologies and evaluating an integrated whole system, which inevitably goes with a collaboration among experts of different domains. For supporting a easy collaboration, this demonstration presents the open framework that aims to support developing a QA system in collaborative and intuitive ways. The demonstration also shows the QA system developed by our novel framework.

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Filling a Knowledge Graph with a Crowd
GyuHyeon Choi | Sangha Nam | Dongho Choi | Key-Sun Choi
Proceedings of the Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering Workshop (OKBQA 2016)

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SRDF: Extracting Lexical Knowledge Graph for Preserving Sentence Meaning
Sangha Nam | GyuHyeon Choi | Younggyun Hahm | Key-Sun Choi
Proceedings of the Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering Workshop (OKBQA 2016)

In this paper, we present an open information extraction system so-called SRDF that generates lexical knowledge graphs from unstructured texts. In semantic web, knowledge is expressed in the RDF triple form but the natural language text consist of multiple relations between arguments. For this reason, we combine open information extraction with the reification for the full text extraction to preserve meaning of sentence in our knowledge graph. And also our knowledge graph is designed to adapt for many existing semantic web applications. At the end of this paper, we introduce the result of the experiment and a Korean template generation module developed using SRDF.

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Dedicated Workflow Management for OKBQA Framework
Jiseong Kim | GyuHyeon Choi | Key-Sun Choi
Proceedings of the Open Knowledge Base and Question Answering Workshop (OKBQA 2016)

Nowadays, a question answering (QA) system is used in various areas such a quiz show, personal assistant, home device, and so on. The OKBQA framework supports developing a QA system in an intuitive and collaborative ways. To support collaborative development, the framework should be equipped with some functions, e.g., flexible system configuration, debugging supports, intuitive user interface, and so on while considering different developing groups of different domains. This paper presents OKBQA controller, a dedicated workflow manager for OKBQA framework, to boost collaborative development of a QA system.