Haley Fong


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A Corpus of Simulated Counselling Sessions with Dialog Act Annotation
John Lee | Haley Fong | Lai Shuen Judy Wong | Chun Chung Mak | Chi Hin Yip | Ching Wah Larry Ng
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

We present a corpus of simulated counselling sessions consisting of speech- and text-based dialogs in Cantonese. Consisting of 152K Chinese characters, the corpus labels the dialog act of both client and counsellor utterances, segments each dialog into stages, and identifies the forward and backward links in the dialog. We analyze the distribution of client and counsellor communicative intentions in the various stages, and discuss significant patterns of the dialog flow.


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Restatement and Question Generation for Counsellor Chatbot
John Lee | Baikun Liang | Haley Fong
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on NLP for Positive Impact

Amidst rising mental health needs in society, virtual agents are increasingly deployed in counselling. In order to give pertinent advice, counsellors must first gain an understanding of the issues at hand by eliciting sharing from the counsellee. It is thus important for the counsellor chatbot to encourage the user to open up and talk. One way to sustain the conversation flow is to acknowledge the counsellee’s key points by restating them, or probing them further with questions. This paper applies models from two closely related NLP tasks — summarization and question generation — to restatement and question generation in the counselling context. We conducted experiments on a manually annotated dataset of Cantonese post-reply pairs on topics related to loneliness, academic anxiety and test anxiety. We obtained the best performance in both restatement and question generation by fine-tuning BertSum, a state-of-the-art summarization model, with the in-domain manual dataset augmented with a large-scale, automatically mined open-domain dataset.