Harmen de Weerd


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Modelling Multi-issue Bargaining Dialogues: Data Collection, Annotation Design and Corpus
Volha Petukhova | Christopher Stevens | Harmen de Weerd | Niels Taatgen | Fokie Cnossen | Andrei Malchanau
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'16)

The paper describes experimental dialogue data collection activities, as well semantically annotated corpus creation undertaken within EU-funded METALOGUE project(www.metalogue.eu). The project aims to develop a dialogue system with flexible dialogue management to enable system’s adaptive, reactive, interactive and proactive dialogue behavior in setting goals, choosing appropriate strategies and monitoring numerous parallel interpretation and management processes. To achieve these goals negotiation (or more precisely multi-issue bargaining) scenario has been considered as the specific setting and application domain. The dialogue corpus forms the basis for the design of task and interaction models of participants negotiation behavior, and subsequently for dialogue system development which would be capable to replace one of the negotiators. The METALOGUE corpus will be released to the community for research purposes.