Heinz Dieter Maas


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Control and data structures in the MT system SUSY-E
Heinz Dieter Maas
Proceedings of the International Conference on Methodology and Techniques of Machine Translation: Processing from words to language

The MT system SUSY-E which has been developed since 1972 in the Sonderforschungsbereich "Elektronische Sprachforschung" of the University of the Saar can be divided into three major subsystems: background, dictionary and kernel systems. The background system represents the interface to implementers, linguists and users. The dictionary system supports the construction and maintenance of the different dictionaries and provides the description of the dictionary entries. The proper translation processes are carried out by the use of the kernel systems containing the linguistic knowledge in different representational schemes and allowing for syntactico-semantic analysis and generation of texts. The most elaborate kernel system of SUSY-E is SUSY which has been constantly developed and tested in the past ten years. Apart from SUSY there exist several new "prototypes" which in their architecture show considerable differences between themselves and especially with regard to SUSY. These new approaches are called SUSY-II systems.