Hilal AlQuabeh


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Lotus at WojoodNER Shared Task: Multilingual Transformers: Unveiling Flat and Nested Entity Recognition
Jiyong Li | Dilshod Azizov | Hilal AlQuabeh | Shangsong Liang
Proceedings of ArabicNLP 2023

We introduce our systems developed for two subtasks in the shared task “Wojood” on Arabic NER detection, part of ArabicNLP 2023. For Subtask 1, we employ the XLM-R model to predict Flat NER labels for given tokens using a single classifier capable of categorizing all labels. For Subtask 2, we use the XLM-R encoder by building 21 individual classifiers. Each classifier corresponds to a specific label and is designed to determine the presence of its respective label. In terms of performance, our systems achieved competitive micro-F1 scores of 0.83 for Subtask 1 and 0.76 for Subtask 2, according to the leaderboard scores.