Hjalti Daníelsson

Also published as: Hjalti Danielsson


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Building an Icelandic Entity Linking Corpus
Steinunn Rut Friðriksdóttir | Valdimar Ágúst Eggertsson | Benedikt Geir Jóhannesson | Hjalti Daníelsson | Hrafn Loftsson | Hafsteinn Einarsson
Proceedings of the Workshop on Dataset Creation for Lower-Resourced Languages within the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

In this paper, we present the first Entity Linking corpus for Icelandic. We describe our approach of using a multilingual entity linking model (mGENRE) in combination with Wikipedia API Search (WAPIS) to label our data and compare it to an approach using WAPIS only. We find that our combined method reaches 53.9% coverage on our corpus, compared to 30.9% using only WAPIS. We analyze our results and explain the value of using a multilingual system when working with Icelandic. Additionally, we analyze the data that remain unlabeled, identify patterns and discuss why they may be more difficult to annotate.

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IceBATS: An Icelandic Adaptation of the Bigger Analogy Test Set
Steinunn Rut Friðriksdóttir | Hjalti Daníelsson | Steinþór Steingrímsson | Einar Sigurdsson
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Word embedding models have become commonplace in a wide range of NLP applications. In order to train and use the best possible models, accurate evaluation is needed. For extrinsic evaluation of word embedding models, analogy evaluation sets have been shown to be a good quality estimator. We introduce an Icelandic adaptation of a large analogy dataset, BATS, evaluate it on three different word embedding models and show that our evaluation set is apt at measuring the capabilities of such models.


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The Icelandic Word Web: A language technology-focused redesign of a lexicosemantic database
Hjalti Daníelsson | Jón Hilmar Jónsson | Þórður Arnar Árnason | Alec Shaw | Einar Freyr Sigurðsson | Steinþór Steingrímsson
Proceedings of the 23rd Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa)

The new Icelandic Word Web (IW) is a language technology focused redesign of a lexicosemantic database of semantically related entries. The IW’s entities, relations, metadata and categorization scheme have all been implemented from scratch in two systems, OntoLex and SKOS. After certain adjustments were made to OntoLex and SKOS interoperability, it was also possible to implement specific IW features that, while potentially nonstandard, form an integral part of the Word Web’s lexicosemantic functionality. Also new in this implementation are access to a larger amount of linguistic data, a greater variety of search options, the possibility of automated processing, and the ability to conduct research through SPARQL without possessing a mastery of Icelandic.


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TermPortal: A Workbench for Automatic Term Extraction from Icelandic Texts
Steinþór Steingrímsson | Ágústa Þorbergsdóttir | Hjalti Danielsson | Gunnar Thor Ornolfsson
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Computational Terminology

Automatic term extraction (ATE) from texts is critical for effective terminology work in small speech communities. We present TermPortal, a workbench for terminology work in Iceland, featuring the first ATE system for Icelandic. The tool facilitates standardization in terminology work in Iceland, as it exports data in standard formats in order to streamline gathering and distribution of the material. In the project we focus on the domain of finance in order to do be able to fulfill the needs of an important and large field. We present a comprehensive survey amongst the most prominent organizations in that field, the results of which emphasize the need for a good, up-to-date and accessible termbank and the willingness to use terms in Icelandic. Furthermore we present the ATE tool for Icelandic, which uses a variety of methods and shows great potential with a recall rate of up to 95% and a high C-value, indicating that it competently finds term candidates that are important to the input text.