Hongjiao Xu


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ISTIC’s Triangular Machine Translation System for WMT2021
Hangcheng Guo | Wenbin Liu | Yanqing He | Tian Lan | Hongjiao Xu | Zhenfeng Wu | You Pan
Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Machine Translation

This paper describes the ISTIC’s submission to the Triangular Machine Translation Task of Russian-to-Chinese machine translation for WMT’ 2021. In order to fully utilize the provided corpora and promote the translation performance from Russian to Chinese, the pivot method is used in our system which pipelines the Russian-to-English translator and the English-to-Chinese translator to form a Russian-to-Chinese translator. Our system is based on the Transformer architecture and several effective strategies are adopted to improve the quality of translation, including corpus filtering, data pre-processing, system combination and model ensemble.