Hou-An Lin


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Mandarin-English Code-Switching Speech Recognition System for Specific Domain
Chung-Pu Chiou | Hou-An Lin | Chia-Ping Chen
Proceedings of the 34th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2022)

This paper will introduce the use of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to process speech content with specific domain. We will use the Conformer end-to-end model as the system architecture, and use pure Chinese data for initial training. Next, use the transfer learning technology to fine-tune the system with Mandarin-English code-switching data. Finally, use the Mandarin-English code-switching data with a specific domain makes the final fine-tuning of the model so that it can achieve a certain effect on speech recognition in a specific domain. Experiments with different fine-tuning methods reduce the final error rate from 82.0% to 34.8%.


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Exploiting Low-Resource Code-Switching Data to Mandarin-English Speech Recognition Systems
Hou-An Lin | Chia-Ping Chen
Proceedings of the 33rd Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2021)

In this paper, we investigate how to use limited code-switching data to implement a code-switching speech recognition system. We utilize the Transformer end-to-end model to develop our code switching speech recognition system, which is trained with the Mandarin dataset and a small amount of Mandarin-English code switching dataset, as the baseline of this paper. Next, we compare the performance of systems after adding multi-task learning and transfer learning. Character Error Rate(CER) is adopted as the criterion for the system. Finally, we combined the three systems with the language model, respectively, our best result dropped to 23.9% compared with the baseline of 28.7%.