Huajie Wang


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PG-GSQL: Pointer-Generator Network with Guide Decoding for Cross-Domain Context-Dependent Text-to-SQL Generation
Huajie Wang | Mei Li | Lei Chen
Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Text-to-SQL is a task of translating utterances to SQL queries, and most existing neural approaches of text-to-SQL focus on the cross-domain context-independent generation task. We pay close attention to the cross-domain context-dependent text-to-SQL generation task, which requires a model to depend on the interaction history and current utterance to generate SQL query. In this paper, we present an encoder-decoder model called PG-GSQL based on the interaction-level encoder and with two effective innovations in decoder to solve cross-domain context-dependent text-to-SQL task. 1) To effectively capture historical information of SQL query and reuse the previous SQL query tokens, we use a hybrid pointer-generator network as decoder to copy tokens from the previous SQL query via pointer, the generator part is utilized to generate new tokens. 2) We propose a guide component to limit the prediction space of vocabulary for avoiding table-column dependency and foreign key dependency errors during decoding phase. In addition, we design a column-table linking mechanism to improve the prediction accuracy of tables. On the challenging cross-domain context-dependent text-to-SQL benchmark SParC, PG-GSQL achieves 34.0% question matching accuracy and 19.0% interaction matching accuracy on the dev set. With BERT augmentation, PG-GSQL obtains 53.1% question matching accuracy and 34.7% interaction matching accuracy on the dev set, outperforms the previous state-of-the-art model by 5.9% question matching accuracy and 5.2% interaction matching accuracy. Our code is publicly available.