Iku Nagasaki


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Constructing Web-Accessible Semantic Role Labels and Frames for Japanese as Additions to the NPCMJ Parsed Corpus
Koichi Takeuchi | Alastair Butler | Iku Nagasaki | Takuya Okamura | Prashant Pardeshi
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

As part of constructing the NINJAL Parsed Corpus of Modern Japanese (NPCMJ), a web-accessible language resource, we are adding frame information for predicates, together with two types of semantic role labels that mark the contributions of arguments. One role type consists of numbered semantic roles, like in PropBank, to capture relations between arguments in different syntactic patterns. The other role type consists of semantic roles with conventional names. Both role types are compatible with hierarchical frames that belong to related predicates. Adding semantic role and frame information to the NPCMJ will support a web environment where language learners and linguists can search examples of Japanese for syntactic and semantic features. The annotation will also provide a language resource for NLP researchers making semantic parsing models (e.g., for AMR parsing) following machine learning approaches. In this paper, we describe how the two types of semantic role labels are defined under the frame based approach, i.e., both types can be consistently applied when linked to corresponding frames. Then we show special cases of syntactic patterns and the current status of the annotation work.


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Exploiting Parsed Corpora: Applications in Research, Pedagogy, and Processing
Prashant Pardeshi | Alistair Butler | Stephen Horn | Kei Yoshimoto | Iku Nagasaki
Linguistic Issues in Language Technology, Volume 18, 2019 - Exploiting Parsed Corpora: Applications in Research, Pedagogy, and Processing