Ioana Buhnila


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Identifying Medical Paraphrases in Scientific versus Popularization Texts in French for Laypeople Understanding
Ioana Buhnila
Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing

Scientific medical terms are difficult to understand for laypeople due to their technical formulas and etymology. Understanding medical concepts is important for laypeople as personal and public health is a lifelong concern. In this study, we present our methodology for building a French lexical resource annotated with paraphrases for the simplification of monolexical and multiword medical terms. In order to find medical paraphrases, we automatically searched for medical terms and specific lexical markers that help to paraphrase them. We annotated the medical terms, the paraphrase markers, and the paraphrase. We analysed the lexical relations and semantico-pragmatic functions that exists between the term and its paraphrase. We computed statistics for the medical paraphrase corpus, and we evaluated the readability of the medical paraphrases for a non-specialist coder. Our results show that medical paraphrases from popularization texts are easier to understand (62.66%) than paraphrases extracted from scientific texts (50%).