Jayesh Bankoti


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Logically at the Constraint 2022: Multimodal role labelling
Ludovic Kun | Jayesh Bankoti | David Kiskovski
Proceedings of the Workshop on Combating Online Hostile Posts in Regional Languages during Emergency Situations

This paper describes our system for the Constraint 2022 challenge at ACL 2022, whose goal is to detect which entities are glorified, vilified or victimised, within a meme . The task should be done considering the perspective of the meme’s author. In our work, the challenge is treated as a multi-class classification task. For a given pair of a meme and an entity, we need to classify whether the entity is being referenced as Hero, a Villain, a Victim or Other. Our solution combines (ensembling) different models based on Unimodal (Text only) model and Multimodal model (Text + Images). We conduct several experiments and benchmarks different competitive pre-trained transformers and vision models in this work. Our solution, based on an ensembling method, is ranked first on the leaderboard and obtains a macro F1-score of 0.58 on test set. The code for the experiments and results are available at https://bitbucket.org/logicallydevs/constraint_2022/src/master/