Jean Hessel


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A Digital Swedish-Yiddish/Yiddish-Swedish Dictionary: A Web-Based Dictionary that is also Available Offline
Magnus Ahltorp | Jean Hessel | Gunnar Eriksson | Maria Skeppstedt | Rickard Domeij
Proceedings of the Workshop on Resources and Technologies for Indigenous, Endangered and Lesser-resourced Languages in Eurasia within the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Yiddish is one of the national minority languages of Sweden, and one of the languages for which the Swedish Institute for Language and Folklore is responsible for developing useful language resources. We here describe the web-based version of a Swedish-Yiddish/Yiddish-Swedish dictionary. The single search field of the web-based dictionary is used for incrementally searching all three components of the dictionary entries (the word in Swedish, the word in Yiddish with Hebrew characters and the transliteration in Latin script). When the user accesses the dictionary in an online mode, the dictionary is saved in the web browser, which makes it possible to also use the dictionary offline.