Jiajun Xu


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Semi-Automatic Construction and Refinement of an Annotated Corpus for a Deep Learning Framework for Emotion Classification
Jiajun Xu | Kyosuke Masuda | Hiromitsu Nishizaki | Fumiyo Fukumoto | Yoshimi Suzuki
Proceedings of the Twelfth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

In the case of using a deep learning (machine learning) framework for emotion classification, one significant difficulty faced is the requirement of building a large, emotion corpus in which each sentence is assigned emotion labels. As a result, there is a high cost in terms of time and money associated with the construction of such a corpus. Therefore, this paper proposes a method of creating a semi-automatically constructed emotion corpus. For the purpose of this study sentences were mined from Twitter using some emotional seed words that were selected from a dictionary in which the emotion words were well-defined. Tweets were retrieved by one emotional seed word, and the retrieved sentences were assigned emotion labels based on the emotion category of the seed word. It was evident from the findings that the deep learning-based emotion classification model could not achieve high levels of accuracy in emotion classification because the semi-automatically constructed corpus had many errors when assigning emotion labels. In this paper, therefore, an approach for improving the quality of the emotion labels by automatically correcting the errors of emotion labels is proposed and tested. The experimental results showed that the proposed method worked well, and the classification accuracy rate was improved to 55.1% from 44.9% on the Twitter emotion classification task.