Jinfa Huang


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Guoym at SemEval-2020 Task 8: Ensemble-based Classification of Visuo-Lingual Metaphor in Memes
Yingmei Guo | Jinfa Huang | Yanlong Dong | Mingxing Xu
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Semantic Evaluation

In this paper, we describe our ensemble-based system designed by guoym Team for the SemEval-2020 Task 8, Memotion Analysis. In our system, we utilize five types of representation of data as input of base classifiers to extract information from different aspects. We train five base classifiers for each type of representation using five-fold cross-validation. Then the outputs of these base classifiers are combined through data-based ensemble method and feature-based ensemble method to make full use of all data and representations from different aspects. Our method achieves the performance within the top 2 ranks in the final leaderboard of Memotion Analysis among 36 Teams.