Johan Krause


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Bootstrapping Multilingual Metadata Extraction: A Showcase in Cyrillic
Johan Krause | Igor Shapiro | Tarek Saier | Michael Färber
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing

Applications based on scholarly data are of ever increasing importance. This results in disadvantages for areas where high-quality data and compatible systems are not available, such as non-English publications. To advance the mitigation of this imbalance, we use Cyrillic script publications from the CORE collection to create a high-quality data set for metadata extraction. We utilize our data for training and evaluating sequence labeling models to extract title and author information. Retraining GROBID on our data, we observe significant improvements in terms of precision and recall and achieve even better results with a self developed model. We make our data set covering over 15,000 publications as well as our source code freely available.