Jon Ander Gonzalez


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BasqueParl: A Bilingual Corpus of Basque Parliamentary Transcriptions
Nayla Escribano | Jon Ander Gonzalez | Julen Orbegozo-Terradillos | Ainara Larrondo-Ureta | Simón Peña-Fernández | Olatz Perez-de-Viñaspre | Rodrigo Agerri
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

Parliamentary transcripts provide a valuable resource to understand the reality and know about the most important facts that occur over time in our societies. Furthermore, the political debates captured in these transcripts facilitate research on political discourse from a computational social science perspective. In this paper we release the first version of a newly compiled corpus from Basque parliamentary transcripts. The corpus is characterized by heavy Basque-Spanish code-switching, and represents an interesting resource to study political discourse in contrasting languages such as Basque and Spanish. We enrich the corpus with metadata related to relevant attributes of the speakers and speeches (language, gender, party...) and process the text to obtain named entities and lemmas. The obtained metadata is then used to perform a detailed corpus analysis which provides interesting insights about the language use of the Basque political representatives across time, parties and gender.