Jong Ho Park


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Literary Event Detection
Matthew Sims | Jong Ho Park | David Bamman
Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

In this work we present a new dataset of literary events—events that are depicted as taking place within the imagined space of a novel. While previous work has focused on event detection in the domain of contemporary news, literature poses a number of complications for existing systems, including complex narration, the depiction of a broad array of mental states, and a strong emphasis on figurative language. We outline the annotation decisions of this new dataset and compare several models for predicting events; the best performing model, a bidirectional LSTM with BERT token representations, achieves an F1 score of 73.9. We then apply this model to a corpus of novels split across two dimensions—prestige and popularity—and demonstrate that there are statistically significant differences in the distribution of events for prestige.