Joscha Jäger


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Making Parliamentary Debates More Accessible: Aligning Video Recordings with Text Proceedings in Open Parliament TV
Olivier Aubert | Joscha Jäger
Proceedings of the IV Workshop on Creating, Analysing, and Increasing Accessibility of Parliamentary Corpora (ParlaCLARIN) @ LREC-COLING 2024

We are going to describe the Open Parliament TV project and more specifically the work we have done on alignment of video recordings with text proceedings of the german Bundestag. This has allowed us to create a comprehensive and accessible platform for citizens and journalists to engage with parliamentary proceedings. Through our diligent work, we have ensured that the video recordings accurately correspond to the corresponding text, providing a seamless and synchronised experience for users. In this article, we describe the issues we were faced with and the method we used to solve it, along with the visualisations we developed to investigate and assess the content.