José Esteban


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TransType2 - An Innovative Computer-Assisted Translation System
José Esteban | José Lorenzo | Antonio S. Valderrábanos | Guy Lapalme
Proceedings of the ACL Interactive Poster and Demonstration Sessions


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TransType2 - a new paradigm for translation automation
Antonio S. Valderrábanos | José Esteban | Luis Iraola
Proceedings of Machine Translation Summit IX: System Presentations

The aim of TransType2 (TT2) is to develop a new kind of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) system that will help solve a very pressing social problem: how to meet the growing demand for high-quality translation. To date, translation technology has not been able to keep pace with the demand for high-quality translation. The innovative solution proposed by TT2 is to embed a data driven Machine Translation (MT) engine within an interactive translation environment. In this way, the system combines the best of two paradigms: the CAT paradigm, in which the human translator ensures high-quality output; and the MT paradigm, in which the machine ensures significant productivity gains.