Josef Doležal


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GPT-2-based Human-in-the-loop Theatre Play Script Generation
Rudolf Rosa | Patrícia Schmidtová | Ondřej Dušek | Tomáš Musil | David Mareček | Saad Obaid | Marie Nováková | Klára Vosecká | Josef Doležal
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop of Narrative Understanding (WNU2022)

We experiment with adapting generative language models for the generation of long coherent narratives in the form of theatre plays. Since fully automatic generation of whole plays is not currently feasible, we created an interactive tool that allows a human user to steer the generation somewhat while minimizing intervention. We pursue two approaches to long-text generation: a flat generation with summarization of context, and a hierarchical text-to-text two-stage approach, where a synopsis is generated first and then used to condition generation of the final script. Our preliminary results and discussions with theatre professionals show improvements over vanilla language model generation, but also identify important limitations of our approach.