Josep Valls-Vargas


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Joint Turn and Dialogue level User Satisfaction Estimation on Multi-Domain Conversations
Praveen Kumar Bodigutla | Aditya Tiwari | Spyros Matsoukas | Josep Valls-Vargas | Lazaros Polymenakos
Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: EMNLP 2020

Dialogue level quality estimation is vital for optimizing data driven dialogue management. Current automated methods to estimate turn and dialogue level user satisfaction employ hand-crafted features and rely on complex annotation schemes, which reduce the generalizability of the trained models. We propose a novel user satisfaction estimation approach which minimizes an adaptive multi-task loss function in order to jointly predict turn-level Response Quality labels provided by experts and explicit dialogue-level ratings provided by end users. The proposed BiLSTM based deep neural net model automatically weighs each turn’s contribution towards the estimated dialogue-level rating, implicitly encodes temporal dependencies, and removes the need to hand-craft features. On dialogues sampled from 28 Alexa domains, two dialogue systems and three user groups, the joint dialogue-level satisfaction estimation model achieved up to an absolute 27% (0.43 -> 0.70) and 7% (0.63 -> 0.70) improvement in linear correlation performance over baseline deep neural net and benchmark Gradient boosting regression models, respectively.