Joseph Jaffe


Simultaneous computation of lexical and extralinguistic information measures in dialogue
Joseph Jaffe
Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics

An approach to the study of information processing in verbal interaction is described. It compares patterns of two indices of dispersion in recorded dialogue. The lexical measure is the mean segmental type—token ratio, based on 25-word segments of the running conversation. It is computed from a key punched transcript of the dialogue without regard to the speaker of the words. The extralinguistic measure is the H statistic, computed from the temporal pattern of the interaction. The latter is prepared from a two-channel tape recording by a special analogue to digital converter (AVTA system) which key punches the state of the vocal transaction 200 times per minute. Probabilities of the four possible states (either A or B speaking, neither speaking, both speaking) are the basis for the computation. All analyses are done on the IBM 7090. The methodology is part of an investigation of information processing in dyadic systems, aimed toward the reclassification of pathological communication.