Juan M. Montero

Also published as: Juan Manuel Montero


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Continuous Expressive Speaking Styles Synthesis based on CVSM and MR-HMM
Jaime Lorenzo-Trueba | Roberto Barra-Chicote | Ascension Gallardo-Antolin | Junichi Yamagishi | Juan M. Montero
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Technical Papers

This paper introduces a continuous system capable of automatically producing the most adequate speaking style to synthesize a desired target text. This is done thanks to a joint modeling of the acoustic and lexical parameters of the speaker models by adapting the CVSM projection of the training texts using MR-HMM techniques. As such, we consider that as long as sufficient variety in the training data is available, we should be able to model a continuous lexical space into a continuous acoustic space. The proposed continuous automatic text to speech system was evaluated by means of a perceptual evaluation in order to compare them with traditional approaches to the task. The system proved to be capable of conveying the correct expressiveness (average adequacy of 3.6) with an expressive strength comparable to oracle traditional expressive speech synthesis (average of 3.6) although with a drop in speech quality mainly due to the semi-continuous nature of the data (average quality of 2.9). This means that the proposed system is capable of improving traditional neutral systems without requiring any additional user interaction.


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UPM system for WMT 2012
Verónica López-Ludeña | Rubén San-Segundo | Juan M. Montero
Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation


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Designing Confirmation Mechanisms and Error Recover Techniques in a Railway Information System for Spanish
Ruben San-Segundo | Juan Manuel Montero | Jose Manuel Pardo
Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue

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A Telephone-Based Railway Information System for Spanish: Development of a Methodology for Spoken Dialogue Design
Ruben San-Segundo | Juan M. Montero | Juana M. Guitierrez | Ascension Gallardo | Jose D. Romeral | Jose M. Pardo
Proceedings of the Second SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue