Julia Cambre


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Howl: A Deployed, Open-Source Wake Word Detection System
Raphael Tang | Jaejun Lee | Afsaneh Razi | Julia Cambre | Ian Bicking | Jofish Kaye | Jimmy Lin
Proceedings of Second Workshop for NLP Open Source Software (NLP-OSS)

We describe Howl, an open-source wake word detection toolkit with native support for open speech datasets such as Mozilla Common Voice (MCV) and Google Speech Commands (GSC). We report benchmark results of various models supported by our toolkit on GSC and our own freely available wake word detection dataset, built from MCV. One of our models is deployed in Firefox Voice, a plugin enabling speech interactivity for the Firefox web browser. Howl represents, to the best of our knowledge, the first fully productionized, open-source wake word detection toolkit with a web browser deployment target. Our codebase is at howl.ai.