Jun Pan


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The Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC): A New Electronic Resource for Translators and Interpreters
Jun Pan
Proceedings of the Human-Informed Translation and Interpreting Technology Workshop (HiT-IT 2019)

The Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC) is a new electronic and open access resource developed for translators and interpreters, especially those working with political text types. Over 6 million word tokens in size, the online corpus consists of transcripts of Chinese (Cantonese & Putonghua) / English political speeches and their translated and interpreted texts. It includes rich meta-data and is POS-tagged and annotated with prosodic and paralinguistic features that are of concern to spoken language and interpreting. The online platform of the CEPIC features main functions including Keyword Search, Word Collocation and Expanded Keyword in Context, which are illustrated in the paper. The CEPIC can shed light on online translation and interpreting corpora development in the future.