Junhan Yang


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Longtriever: a Pre-trained Long Text Encoder for Dense Document Retrieval
Junhan Yang | Zheng Liu | Chaozhuo Li | Guangzhong Sun | Xing Xie
Proceedings of the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

Pre-trained language models (PLMs) have achieved the preeminent position in dense retrieval due to their powerful capacity in modeling intrinsic semantics. However, most existing PLM-based retrieval models encounter substantial computational costs and are infeasible for processing long documents. In this paper, a novel retrieval model Longtriever is proposed to embrace three core challenges of long document retrieval: substantial computational cost, incomprehensive document understanding, and scarce annotations. Longtriever splits long documents into short blocks and then efficiently models the local semantics within a block and the global context semantics across blocks in a tightly-coupled manner. A pre-training phase is further proposed to empower Longtriever to achieve a better understanding of underlying semantic correlations. Experimental results on two popular benchmark datasets demonstrate the superiority of our proposal.